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Everything you do as a brand should be guided by what you value.

From the way you communicate with your customers, to the products you make. Are you dedicated to the very highest of quality down to the threads you sew with? Are ethics and sustainability a driving force in your brand?

There are brands dedicated to making mom’s lives easier, creating clothing for specific handicaps, and almost any other niche market you can think of. Is your goal to help one of these groups?

Think long and hard about what you believe in, and what you are fighting for.

Determining Your Values

To get started ask your self these three questions. If you are working with a team, open up this exercise to everyone. WHAT DO WE…

  1. Stand for?
  2. Value most?
  3. Believe as a company?

Now sit with it for at least a week. This is not a quick exercise. This should take time. Like all foundations of your business, you want this to be done right because it will guide you for years to come. Your core values should not change with time.

Next, refine your list. And, pick the ones that are most important to you. Here are a few tips to get it right.

Make Sure Your Core Value Is Memorable

Use short, snappy phrases, or maybe even some alteration to help you, your team, and your customers remember what it is you stand for.

Step 3. Analyzing Your Market & Showing Your Competitive Advantage

You will explain your BUSINESS MODEL in detail in this section and how it is going to outgrow your competition. It will feature all the market research, your testing, the target market, and other aspects of the business as well.

Your Core Value Should Be Authentic

Don’t just say what you think everyone wants to hear. People can see through this authenticity. Make your values mean to you and your brand.

Make Your Phrases Actionable

Saying something like women’s rights doesn’t exactly convey what it is you’re trying to do. But using the term we empower women – that’s actionable.