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Fashion Business Lab is a unique place where your Fashion Dream is turned into a world-class fashion label.

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Do you have a brand idea, but don’t know how to make it into a reality?

  • Are you not sure where to start?
  • Are you concerned whether you can make your brand stand out of the crowd and make it profitable?
  • Are you scared of high costs and investments?

We know, we were there….this is why we developed a methodology HOW to launch a profitable Fashion Business!

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Fashion Business Lab was created to give you all the answers to your questions and launch your Fashion Label quickly, efficiently and without spending a lot of money from anywhere in the world.

The key secret of my methodology is:

  • Guide you 1-on-1 from idea to sales
  • Identify your niche
  • Develop your Unique Brand Proposition
  • Control the Product Development process from designing sketches to pre-production samples
  • Work with pre-vetted suppliers and manufacturers
  • Minimize the production volume to eliminate the risks
  • Test your product and get quick return on investment
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Your first collection is ready. What's next? Grow your business! We will guide and help you to sell.

The key secret of our methodology is:

  • Develop the right marketing strategy
  • Build online presence with professional video and photo content
  • Get additional financing if needed
  • Start working with celebrities and influencers
  • Find wholesalers, buyers and distributors
  • Set up all sales channels for your brand
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Imagine having an income, doing what you love, being creative and building your brand based on your values and beliefs.

High Level All-inclusive Premium Package

Premium Program is designed for those who are dreaming of launching a new business and want it to be done under full control of a team of experts. You don’t need to think where to find additional 24 hours a day to launch your brand. Every question is controlled and solved by our team of experts.



What’s Included:

  • 1-on-1 guidance throughout the whole process
  • Technical packs and sketches of your collection made by our professional designer
  • Sourcing tour or a visit to a textile show
  • Marketing & Sales launch: our team will do all the work for you to start sales.
    – we will develop your marketing strategy
    – ⁠will start your social media
    – ⁠will make a/b target marketing testing
    – ⁠work with influencers
    – ⁠assist with the Pre-launch event

Payments can be divided into 6 parts.

  • You get all the necessary knowledge to build a strong Business Foundation.
  • You get all the contacts of the required partners and suppliers.
  • Your collection is being developed by a team of experts.
  • ⁠Fabrics are sourced and agreed with you.
  • Samples are developed and controlled at each step
  • Production is overlooked by the team of our project managers.
  • Your social media and website are being developed
  • All the collection is photoshoot by professional photographers
  • Your launch is accurately prepared and made to start selling.
  • Your collection is getting promoted to showrooms, buyers, and wholesale reps as well as marketplaces and D2C

Launch & Grow your Fashion Label

Weekly 1-on-1 Individual Mentorship Sessions with a Fashion Business Expert (12 weeks + 9 months long support)



Design and develop your product:

  • Identify your Brand Concept, USP and Business Goals
  • Develop Product range
  • Get your designs visualised
  • Get an understanding of textiles
  • Get access to pre-vetted manufacturers and fabric suppliers
  • Get access to pattern makers and technical designers
  • Prepare all the necessary technical documentation for collection production
  • Source Fabrics and all the necessary accessories, care labels, packaging, etc.
  • Choose manufacturing based on your business model

Make your budget calculation:

  • Get a clear understanding of your financials to make a profitable business

Identify sales channels and develop a marketing strategy.

Kick-off and get ready for a successful LAUNCH of your collection!

+  Get lifetime access to templates for legal, marketing and operational services!
+  Get access to community of like-minded people!
+  Get special prices for our sourcing tours and workshops

Sourcing & Production

Individual Mentorship Program targeted at finding the right Supply Chain Partners (8 weeks)

From €2,500


Find your Fabrics Suppliers and Manufacturing:

  • Prepare all the necessary technical documentation for collection production
  • Choose the Fabrics suppliers
  • Choose the manufacturing based on MOQ/price/quality/location
  • Find white label suppliers
  • Source all the necessary accessories, care labels, logos, packaging, etc.

Sourcing Tour to Italy or Textile Fair (Munich / Paris / Milan / Porto) included.

Grow & Scale
Your Fashion Brand

Weekly 1-on-1 Individual Mentorship Sessions with a Fashion Business Expert (18 weeks)

From €2,500


Develop Marketing & Sales Strategy:

  • Professional setup of your social media channels
  • 4 weeks fill-in content for social media
  • Influencer campaigns or targeted ads
  • Website – online shop
  • Product pictures for marketplaces
  • Professional photoshoot and branded video of the collection
  • Identification of sales channels
  • Pre-launch campaign

Why haven’t you launched your clothing line yet?

Got questions? Not sure where to start? Schedule a FREE 30-minute strategy session with our specialists to get clarity. We’re here to help and answer your questions.

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We build successful brands for businesses, startups and influencers.

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