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You’re in trouble, if you don’t have a sales strategy for the festive period, like Black Friday and Christmas.

Based on my questionnaire, 60% of respondents don’t have a clear marketing strategy in place. Why it is bad? Because this is the period where you can generate a lot of revenue. Let me share some hints that can help you to set everything up before the event!

1. Start with figures.

Calculate your profit margin vs sales volume estimate to ensure that sticking to impactful discounts is right for your business. (This is why you need at least 3x profit margin)

2. Generate genuine enthusiasm, make the date really special.

Send exclusive and differentiated invitations, emphasizing promotions for the big day.

3. Use storytelling.

Tell customers why it makes sense for your brand to have a special campaign for that day and why they should take advantage of it.

4. Create a countdown in your stories and, little by little, reveal what kind of discount or special condition will be offered on the day.

5. Use Mailing lists!

While social media – is a great tool to expand your reach and build recognition for your brand, marketing via email lists will help you reach out to existing customers and get them excited about your Black Friday promotion.

8. If you don’t have one yet, build a customer email list by starting a simple loyalty program.

Or, at the very least, collect emails by offering some sort of reward – think a discount coupon, a login special, an exclusive gift or even first-hand access to new releases and promotions.

9. Focus on loyal customers. They are your best target audience.

If you need help how to boost your sales for Black Friday or Xmas, book a call to get some advice!