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You’re thinking of launching your first collection or you have just done so and now you need help in getting regular sales? Get 1-on-1 support from like minded people, experts and mentors in our Fashion Business Lab Community

Fashion Business Lab is an online community and business resource that will help you to make progress, and reach your entrepreneurial goals by giving you access to the tools, resources, and people to support and guide you to growth.

  • Get support, create a launch plan, and take measurable action for launching your business
  • Get live webinars with the experts and other fashion business owners
  • Get access to templates, tech packs, product catalogues
  • Get 1-to-1 advice on launching your next collection
  • Ongoing accountability, support and feedback
  • Easy and quick answers to all your questions

Who is this membership made for? Those who need support after the brand launch & those, who are preparing for the launch of their fashion business DIY

You have launched your products, but your business is disorganized, and a bit all over the place, and this stresses you out.

  • You want to work smarter, not harder, and get systems and tools to help you do that.
  • You’re tired of Googling and Youtubing and DIYing everything apparel entrepreneurship, and you want a one-stop-shop to get the tools and resources to just implement.
  • You don’t want to create all the business and product documents from scratch, you want to get proven templates and downloadables so you can save time and mistakes.
  • You know what you want to accomplish but you don’t have the actual tools, resources and connections to get you there.
  • You need high quality tools like tech pack templates, product range lists, checklists, etc.
  • You need access to supplier and manufacturer databases, worldwide.
  • You feel lonely in your entrepreneurship journey and want a community of likeminded peers to discuss, bounce ideas, and feel connected to.

Then The Members’ Club Is For You
Because knowledge can save your money and time!


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